Scuba diving is a diverse activity for individuals with a wide range of skill sets and abilities. Whether professional or recreational, the quality and purity of the air provided by the cylinder are of utmost importance. This is dependent on the quality of the compressor package used to charge the cylinders. Scuba diving cylinders are high-pressure containers that can hold air at pressures ranging from ~150 to ~300 bar. To charge cylinders at this pressure, special high-pressure multi-stage reciprocating compressors are required. These compressors, available in fixed or variable speed operation, offer a defined high-pressure output with a certain volumetric flow that can rapidly charge scuba diving cylinders.

At Channel Innovations, we understand the critical importance of providing high-quality air to scuba divers. That's why we offer a range of high-pressure air compressors designed specifically for scuba diving applications. Our compressors, such as the Reavell air compressor block used in the MAKO product range, are highly efficient and robust oil-lubricated compressors that deliver high-quality air at the desired pressure and volumetric flow.

We also recognize the importance of meeting strict standards for air quality in the scuba diving arena. The CGA (Compressed Gas Association) Pamphlet G-7 and the European standard EN 12021:2014 are commonly used for testing air quality in America and Europe, respectively. Our compressors are designed and certified to meet these stringent standards, ensuring that the air delivered is free from contaminants and meets all necessary safety requirements.

In selecting a high-pressure air compressor package for scuba diving applications, it is crucial to consider not only the pressure and charging rate but also the quality and purity of the air going into the cylinders. With Channel Innovations, scuba divers can trust that they are receiving the highest quality air for their dives, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience every time.