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Water-Cooled Packages (WCP)

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Perfect for users with continuous, 24/7 demands, MAKO's water-cooled high-performance compressors are designed for simplified maintenance and quick remove/replace valves. Available in 40 HP and 75 HP options, these compressors come with a heavy-duty skid, ODP motor, motor starter, and a built-in compressor cooling system for enhanced efficiency.

Standard Installed Features:

  • V-Belt Drive with Guard
  • Low Oil Pressure Switch (Pressure Lubricated Units Only)
  • NEMA Design ODP Motor (Non CE Marked)
  • Gauge Panel
  • Hour Meter
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Auto Start/Stop Air Pressure Switch
  • High Air Temperature Switch
  • Starter
  • Control Transformer
  • Auto Condensate Drain System
  • Auto Drain Muffler/Reservoir (Loose Accessory)
  • Visual CO/Moisture Indicator Siteglass
  • Closed Loop Cooling System
  • Inlet Filter 
  • Intercooler & Aftercooler 
  • Interstage & Final Stage Relief Valves
  • Condensate Separator
  • Flywheel

These compressors are tested and certified to meet the US Navy's NAVSEA stringent requirements, ensuring reliability and performance.