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Stationary Containment Fill Stations (SCFS2 and SCFS3)

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The MAKO containment fill station is engineered to fill up to 4500 psi SCBA's with safety and convenience in mind. The station features an enclosed steel chamber for maximum protection in the event of a catastrophic cylinder failure. Additionally, our ergonomically designed loading heights aim to reduce operator fatigue. The fill station comes equipped with a NFPA compliant "Push Action" adjustable regulator with inlet and outlet pressure gauges, an air storage bypass valve, and a three bank cascade control with dual valves per bank.

Standard Installed Features:

  • Fill Panel with Silkscreen Overlay
  • 0-6000 psi/414 BAR Regulator
  • Inlet/Outlet Gauges
  • Fill Control Valve & Gauge
  • Auxiliary Outlet with Quick Disconnect (Regulated)
  • Safety Interlock
  • Fill Whips with Fill Adapters 
  • CGA 347 Fill Adapters (Other Adapters Available Upon Request)
  • NOT Capable of Filling SCUBA Cylinders

All our systems are manufactured to comply with the latest NFPA standards, ensuring safety and reliability.