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Mobile Containment Fill Station (MCFS)

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Mako's Mobile Containment Fill Stations (MCFS) are designed with a steel chamber to ensure user protection in the event of a catastrophic cylinder rupture, making them suitable for both new and retrofit mobile vehicle applications. These fill stations feature a low loading height and a single-motion, one-handed automatic door latching system, which not only reduces operator fatigue but also simplifies operation. The MCFS series offers one, two, and three-position SCBA mobile containment fill stations to suit various needs. Additionally, an automatic safety interlock mechanism further enhances the safety features of these mobile fill stations.

MCFS Option - fills up to 4500 psi 

MSCFS Option - fills up to 5500 psi

Standard Installed Features:

  • Fill whip(s) with Fill Adapter(s)
  • CGA 347 Fill Adapters
  • SCBA Fill Valve(s)